Love is.. what is actually Love?

29. prosince 2009 v 20:55 | Little Jappanesse |  ->My diary<-

Have you been ever in love? In love with someone who doesn´t know? Have you told him? Or just been waitin for destiny? Love is the hardest thing. Love hurts. The most when you love the forbidden boy. I mean if he´s going out with another girl and you also now the girl who is supposed to be your buddy. You know you´d hurt her if you reveal your feelings to the one you live for. But it hurts you yourself watching him with her and your dearest wish unspeaken is to replace her. Didn´t I tell the worst thing? It´s when you have him in your dreams can´t let him away your dreams more because he always sings the kinda of song: " Comin' to your dreams my Love..." I'm actually can't wait to be in bed to be with him just in my dreams. Will I ever tell him? Will I be so brave for it? I'm kinda introvert and never been kissed - not counting the little kisses I got. I love it actually....

...I think I understand Jacob...

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